We fundamentally believe in quality testing and trustworthy test results.

Caveon is dedicated to providing services to protect your investment in test development. Our services detect, correct, and prevent test fraud, allowing you to focus on developing and managing your program.


Test Development Evolved
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The scorpion uses its pincers to sense its surroundings, immobilize prey, and defend itself from predators.

Caveon is the industry leader in test security, and we developed Scorpion first and foremost as a secure environment to develop exam items. Project managers have complete control over who can access their exam content and which tasks they are authorized to perform. When a task is complete, simply mark it as closed to prevent further access.


Newborn scorpions climb onto their mother's back for protection during their first few weeks of life.

With Scorpion managers can invite subject matter experts to their projects, providing a secure and comfortable environment for these users to perform their assigned tasks.

Because these subject matter experts are often doing test development for the first time, Scorpion's built in communication and workflow mechanisms allow project managers to guide these users through the process.


Scorpions are arachnids, which means they have eight legs. That's eight appendages in addition to their trademarked pincers and stinging tail! These clawed legs allow scorpions to move quickly and efficiently over harsh terrain.

Scorpion the test development tool is equally agile. It does blueprinting, form scrambling, and everything in between.

The best part is you can import and export data at any step in the process, which makes Scorpion an excellent companion to whatever item banking and delivery platforms you currently use.


The scorpion's most striking feature (pun intended) is its long, segmented tail, barbed with a venomous stinger. Its quick strike and fast-acting venom make the scorpion a highly evolved hunter.

As a test development platform, Scorpion is just as innovative. In addition to traditional testing practices, it is the only tool that supports Information Integration Theory (IIT) as a standard setting method, a much more reliable and verifiable alternative to Angoff.

It also supports the highly secure Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) item type. For more information visit trydomc.com.